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We are here to help you find the right mobile home, so please ask us any questions you may have

Before purchasing your new leisure home for use in France you will have many questions. We welcome the opportunity to discuss in more detail your queries and will be on hand to help. Please see below some frequently asked questions (FAQs) which will assist you. TableIf you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us direct.

1. What are the costs of owning a holiday home?

Pors Peron Leisure Home prices are all inclusive and include the mobile home, delivery & installation. We also arrange connection to the services, test all appliances and have the gas boiler safety inspected by a registered professional. Before agreeing to purchase a home you will be provided with all the relevant information. There are no hidden extras!

2. What are the ongoing yearly charges?

You have an ongoing yearly contract with Camping Pors Peron and site fees are payable on a quarterly basis. Your annual fees covers the cost of the park maintenance & the use of the shared facilities. 2018 site fees €2600

Water & Electricity - Water is included in the annual site fees / electricity is metred so you only pay for your own usage.

Gas - Is charged separately and supplied via bottles. Remember the homes are fitted with energy saving boilers so usage is at a minimum.

Insurance - Is compulsory on all sites and all inclusive group policies start from as little as €190 per year.

Taxes - There are no council taxes or local property rates, however you will pay a national tourist tax. This small fee is paid annually and normally based on the individual home, approximately €42 per year.

3. How long can my home stay on site?Home

You have a yearly contract with the park which is automatically renewed each year as long as the mobile home is kept in good working order and you respect the local environment. Modern mobile homes are constructed to last for decades and in the majority of cases will outlive their owners usage.

Camping Pors Peron guarantees not to place an arbitrary future date for renewal of your leisure home!

4. Can I use my holiday home throughout the year?

Yes, private mobile home owners can use their homes all year round without restrictions, however you cannot class this as you main residence and have to provide us with an address off site.

5. Can I sub-let my home & earn some extra income.

Family and friend are welcome to come and use the holiday home when ever they like. However private owners are not allowed to sub-let their holiday homes for financial gain

6. What happens if I want to sell my holiday home?

Circumstances change & you may find in the future years you have to Part Company with your holiday home in France. For this reason you need the peace of mind of being able to sell your home on. Pors Peron Leisure Homes offer a resale service, to help owners who may wish to sell in later years.

7. In future years can I move my mobile home?

Again Yes. As the name suggests your home is mobile and can be transported to another region of France. After meeting your contractual agreements with Camping Pors Peron you are at liberty to move your holiday home.

Beach8. Investment Opportunity?

Where as the home itself will not increase in value you will have access to years of enjoyment. With no solicitor involvement, legal fees and French Land Taxes, owning a mobile home is a true low cost solution to home ownership in France. What’s more sit back and relax while someone else maintains your immediate environment as Camping Pors Peron is responsible for the communal areas on site.

Ask us a question...We hope we have been able to answer your query. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us.